Saturday, July 12, 2014

[7x1 The Game] Release 1.0

Hello folks,

We released a new game : 7x1 The Game.

This game is a joke taken from the match Brazil vs Germany in the semifinal of the 2014 World Cup, in which the score ended 7-1 for Germany! The game idea is not to criticize, it's just turn this historical moment at a time of fun! 

Enjoy the game and the World Cup!

Download at:

Friday, November 29, 2013

[Split the Bill] Release 1.1

Good Day, Citizens,

Having trouble dividing the bar or restaurant bill among your friends?

This is the app that will solve your problems.

Split the Bill is an app that allows you to split the bill among all people in a bar or restaurant
quickly and easily. You can either split the bill equally or define fixed values ​​for
some people remove the service charge individually, etc..


- Allows you to split the bill between several people quickly and practice
- Intuitive interface
- Input values ​​simply
- Add as many people as you want
- Allows you to split the bill equally or setting fixed values
- Option to not charge service individual or collective
- Help Manual
- Free Download

Best Regards

80's Robots Team

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Holding tight in a moving ground

Good Day, Citizens

Well, if you have intent to implement a side scroller game in Unity 3D, like those famous in 90's years, besides the usual job challenges, one is very incovenient: when the player with a CharacterController goes up in a platform and he is not driven by the platform: the player remains stopped while the platform moves beneath his feets until he dives into the abyss.

This Moving Platform and CharacterController problem is very commom. There are many ways to solve it. This solution were used to build a prototype and worked very well.

Let's start with the CharacterController Player. The following code must be placed inside Update method:

 RaycastHit hit;
 Vector3 p1 = thisTransform.position + + Vector3.up * -character.height * 0.5F;
 Vector3 p2 = p1 + Vector3.up * character.height;
 if (Physics.CapsuleCast(p1, p2, character.radius, -thisTransform.up, out hit)){
   movement += hit.transform.gameObject.GetComponent<FloatingPlatform>().movement;

What does it do? basically, this code checks if the player is grounded; then it executes a CapsuleCast downward and checks if he is over a Platform, wich are identified by the tag. If he is over, apply the platform movement to player, so they can move together.

Indeed, to make it work, we need to make the platform movement variable public access:

public class FloatingPlatform : MonoBehaviour {
 //yours platforms variables goes here
 public Vector3 movement;
 void Update () {
  //Do your platform logic here
  movement = movement.normalized * speed * Time.deltaTime;

This code is portable, easy to implement and have low intrusion in your player game component. Any doubts or sugestions, please coment.

See ya

Thursday, September 12, 2013

[Pocket Magnifier] Release 1.1


Here we are again to Announce our new app: Pocket Magnifier. As the name says, it's a portable magnifier for all Android devices, including tablets. Very easy to use and lightweight.


  • Read text with small font, like white pages, drug information, instruction manuals; 
  • See details in small objects (depends on the quality of your camera) 
  • Be used as a tool for augmented reality for day to day tasks. 
  • Flashlight for devices that have flash. 
  • Capture images 
  • A filter for contrast improvement 

 Available for free!

Best Regards

80's Robots  Team

Monday, July 1, 2013

A loop without getting dizzy

Good Day, Citzens,

You have your development environment configured, Eclipse, SDKs and Pluggins are running, so it's time to create the game itself. A good start point is to define the architecture it will run over, the game loop and the main methods. Our architecture will be based on a design pattern called MVC (Model-View-Controller), wide used and well documented, with a little tweaks. These changes are necessary because games are not like ordinary comercial systems; games are screen oriented (View) and used to be a lot more interactive. A sighly diference between them are a game main structure called Game Loop. The Game Loop will make the application constantly reading user input (up, left, fire, pause), updating the logic and drawing the components. Well, enough with the theory and let's do it.

The first class you will create is an Entity class. This Entity will be base of all your game components, such as itens, enemys and even the player. Here the code:

public class Entity {

 public Coordinate position;
 Bitmap bitmap;
 public boolean enable = true;
 public boolean visible = true;
 public Entity() {
  position = new Coordinate();

 public void update() {

 public void draw(Canvas canvas){
  canvas.drawBitmap(bitmap, position.x, position.y, null);

The Entity class, except the constructor, has two methods, update and draw. Update will contain the entity logic. If it's an enemy, the logic could be seek and attack the player. Draw method render the component. We will also need create Coodinate class to hold the positions:

public class Coordinate {
 float x;
 float y;

BaseView is the main architecture class, described just below:

public class BaseView extends SurfaceView implements SurfaceHolder.Callback {
 Collection entities = new HashSet();
 public BaseView(Context context){

 void initialize() { 

 void update() {
  for (Entity entity : entities) { 
  //update logic goes here
 public void onDraw(Canvas canvas) {
  //Background draw 
  for (Entity entity : entities) {

This class extends SurfaceView, an Android framework class that will provide us input mechanism and draw calls. In the onDraw call, we will invoke update method wich will invoke the inner update of all enabled entities and then execute game logic such as game over conditions, level up and so on. Ended the update, the onDraw method will render all visible entities on canvas.

That's all folks

Monday, June 17, 2013

Burning Sky 2.0

Good Day,

One more time here we are to announce Burning Sky update. This time, it's going to version 2.0 with new features:

- All user interface was changed to become nicer and even more easy to use
- You can now choose the scenery or play random as you used to do before
- Rush mode have been released without restriction
- By the way, all game features have been released without any restriction, including extra itens and scenery
-A new weather is available: Snow
-You can still remove the ads with a small coffee

Here the game in action

And here you can download it

Please, visit us at facebook

Any comments, suggestion, critics, fell free to contact us.

Best Regards

80's Robots Team

Thursday, January 31, 2013

[Burning Sky] Release 1.8.1

We've updated Burning Sky to version 1.8.1 this week. This update was mainly to correct scale problems in some devices, both in terms of screen size and density of devices. With this modification, the game should run about the same speed and proportion on all devices, including the newest and foblets.

Some users have also reported that the enemies Mosquito and Bee were very hard to kill because were in very high points on the screen. We made sure they moved in a larger area of the screen so now they become easier to hit.

There was also a performance gain with the streamlining of some functions, in addition to improving quality of some images.

It's always good to remember that the upgrades serve to correct the problems that may occur, improve the existing items and add new content. Keep Burning Sky always updated to have the best gaming experience possible.

Best Regards

Team 80's Robots